MakeEurope, what is it…

MakeEurope is a method, developed and promoted by AgeMob in order to provide the best preparation and tools to those who participate in an international mobility experience.

The main aim is to encourage the professional and personal growth of young people in European context of international mobility.

The MakeEurope method is divided into several dimensions:

  1. First of all, with its name recalls directly the value of the European project, starting from the awareness that Europe is a process and more people are enabled to participate actively in its construction, more it can truly become a common heritage and a real community. The theme is European citizenship and an adherence to the values that distinguish it.
  2. It is a training method that gives value to people and their soft skills development as a precondition for the experience of mobility and for the work world entrance. The training activities are experiential and organized for groups with team building games with the goal to provide the mobility participants with the ability to evaluate and enhance the skills acquired during their school and life path.
  3. It is a method of monitoring and self-evaluation of the mobility experience, thanks to the use of the Internship WheelTM. This tool allows participants to consider their experience in an articulated and accurate way, dividing it into six areas: work, culture, organization, health, leisure time and relationships. Each of areas must be measured, so the value of the experience can be self-assessed on the basis of the level of satisfaction for each area and, at the same time considering the homogeneity of levels among the different areas. In this way, the participants themselves are driven to become fully aware of the importance of the experience and to be able, independently and proactively, to have the right attitude for the experience. The monitoring system is usually completed, with on-site monitoring visits, which represent important moments to relaunch the contents of the training and the objectives of the project, to transfer the concepts that are the key of the mobility itself to the host companies and collect direct testimony by the participants themselves.
  4. It is a community tool, through the social profiles on Facebook (Make Europe) and Instagram (makeeurope_), that make up a communication and dissemination tool with a strong impact, and a training / information and exchange tool peer to peer among those who are carrying out or have finished the experience and those who, perhaps, are about to leave. In this way, MakeEurope also becomes an identity tool, which generates belonging and sharing, also with a view to build the European identity.
  5. It is a tool to ensure a quality training process highly participated and applicable not only in the context of the Erasmus+ mobility experience, but also in all mobility experiences abroad that can be implemented with different sources of funding, including those that are self-financed .