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“The choice to make an experience abroad means leaving our own comfort zone and making a big step towards our personal growth.
Those who face this experience in the right way,   come back transformed and eager to jump into new adventures”





I could never have imagined myself taking part in such a project and above all, I would never have believed I could do it. It was a wonderful experience, one of the most significant in my life, which allowed me to really get to know so many exceptional people who helped me grow up.


I thank all the kids, whom I now consider as a second family, I thank the profs and tutors who have supported us in this experience and finally I thank @makeeurope for giving me the opportunity to make this special journey that will be a permanent memory for me and that will shadow me forever.


I am really happy; it was a unique, once in a lifetime experience. I would do it all again a million times, thank you for everything!!!


... Well Fabio, what can I say? I get the blues just thinking about it, this experience helped me grow up, and I learned so much in so little time...


It was an experience I would do again a thousand times. I met fantastic people at work, always willing and very pleasant.