Internship experience in Arezzo



Arezzo is the right place for a first internship experience of very young people as it is not a big city and it is very easy to move around also by walking.

We offer the following services to the students that come for an experience in Arezzo:
Welcome and accommodation

Arezzo is very well connected by train and therefore easily accessible from the airports of Rome, Florence, Bologna, Pisa. A tutor of our Agency welcomes the students at the Arezzo train station and accompanies them by car or taxi to the apartment reserved by us. The apartments are always located in/very near the center and are equipped with double rooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom, washing machine and Wi-Fi. The tutor provides information about the apartment, the functioning of various equipment and gives to everyone a map and main information about the city.


For us the preparation of the students is very important; each student is a person, with her/his own expectations and needs and we try to create the right conditions so that the period of experience in Arezzo is a training period of 360 degrees. In fact the students, in the first week after arrival , participate in a meeting with a professional trainer for a development of soft skills, of a proactive attitude, of correct communication, of the ability to work in a group, of creative thinking and problem solving. We also teach students methods of self-assessment regarding the internship and experience in general.


The AgeMob tutor is always present, from the first welcoming, in order to provide students with information about accommodation, the city, public transport, cultural visits. The contact with the students is then guaranteed through a WhatsApp group in which the tutor communicates with the students and is at their disposal for their needs or problems that may arise.

Placement, monitoring and certification


The companies that accept the students for an internship are located in Arezzo and most of them have already received trainees from abroad and therefore have a certain sensitivity and understanding for students’ initial difficulties (language, cultural differences, being homesick, etc. .).
For each participant we choose the most suitable company, according to the student’s requests, previous studies and professional experience. Obviously the type of internship and the tasks assigned depend on the length of stay (at least 1 month is required), the level of Italian or English and the ability to communicate and get involved.


Monitoring is essential for the success of the experience and is based on:
– one-to-one interviews with the tutor in the company before the beginning of the internship;
– evaluation meetings with the participants;
– informal meetings.

Certification and documentation

Each participant receives a certificate from the company that certifies the performance of the internship.

AgeMob takes care of the preparation of the documentation necessary for the recognition of the training experience.

Areas of the internship

The placements can be organized in many sectors:

Administration/Office Support
Air conditioning, solar panel, heating and plumbing sector
Electrical and electronic industrial systems
Enology research
Fashion design & tailoring
Graphic and web design

Hotels & Restaurants
Chemical, biotech and enology analyses laboratory
Industrial Maintenance
IT sector : software & hardware
Precision mechanics and mechatronics
Social care
Vocational schools education
Web marketing
Wine production

Ovviamente è possibile anche estendere l’offerta di collocamento anche ad altri settori, in funzione anche delle competenze e del corso di studi dei singoli studenti.