The Age.Mob is an organization that supports high schools, universities, public bodies and various organizations that intend to implement international cultural and educational exchange programs for students and to promote international study and work mobility of EU citizens and people from the rest of the world.

Our task is to promote international mobility of students, apprentices, employed and unemployed workers and also entrepreneurs with the purpose of increasing professional and linguistic skills and increasing integration into the global labour market.


  • to offer the opportunity of international mobility

  • to plan (in collaboration with other institutions and organizations) a mobility experience for higher professional training and for the entrance into the labour market

  • to encourage schools and other institutions to participate in various calls for proposals and projects

  • to introduce the European dimension into youth policies and to encourage an attitude of mobility and multicultural awareness in young people


An experience abroad is always an enrichment; especially if this becomes an experience: of life, of work, of culture, of relationships, of fun.

Our common goal is to train our young people giving them the best opportunities, either in terms of “knowing how to do” or in terms of “knowing how to be”, knowing how to be proactive, creative, communicative, collaborative, enthusiastic, or “healthy bearers” of soft skills.

Such an experience is an all-round training and that allows our young people to grow as European citizens and to be able to get the opportunities offered by Europe.

Our staff

Luigi Pallotti

Graduated in Communication Sciences in Siena in 2000, passionate about public policies, he began to collaborate as a student with the Municipality of Prato, dealing with communication, civic networks and web tools for the Public Administration.
In 2005 he started being interested in European policies and began working as a project manager with numerous public and private institutions and universities in the frame of the Leonardo da Vinci and Lifelong Learning EU programs and then Erasmus +.
Convinced supporter of the “European dream”, in 2011 he became a partner and administrator of the AgeMob – Agency for International Mobility with a “dream in the drawer”, to give young people an opportunity of mobility and exchange programs and concrete experiences of life and of work, to strengthen the sense of belonging and of European identity.


Dana Pesova

Graduated in economics and management in 2000 in Brno (Czech Republic). Since university she was in charge of managing the European mobility programs of the same University. In 2000 she obtained an Erasmus scholarship to complete her studies at the Faculty of Economics in Florence and took part in the European Business Module (EBM).

During the Erasmus experience she “falls in love” with Florence and decided to settle permanently in Italy where she always works in an international context, at institutions that organize international conferences also in the context of European projects.

Since 2016 she has worked for AgeMob as coordinator of Erasmus work experiences (but not only) of foreign students in Arezzo.

Fabio Pasquale

Professional youth trainer with twenty years’ experience from all over the world, characterized by a strong aptitude for teamwork, motivation and collaborative style.
He worked as a trainer at the international student association of the Rondine Cittadella della Pace Association, a small village in Tuscany where young people from countries at war live and study together, learning the art of dialogue and peaceful coexistence.
He has managed international exchanges with teenagers from France, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Bosnia, Israel, Palestine, USA, Portugal and Italy.
In the last few years he worked in the field of training for international mobility, with an experiential approach that is strongly person-oriented, helping young people to prepare themselves for the Erasmus work experience abroad with the appropriate skills and attitude.

Alessandro Nibi

Graduated in Economics in 2017 at the University of Florence. He began cultivating his interest in the European Union by carrying out an internship at Integra A Coruña (Spain), where he worked in administration, promotion and marketing for Erasmus+ projects. The experience that he then put into the practice at Agemob, where he works with passion to allow many young people to carry out professional experiences abroad.